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 ARTCUREL  GIOVANI : arte : Monica Ursino , una giovane cantante per una Nuova Evangelizzazione



una giovane cantante per una Nuova Evangelizzazione

"My main intent with my music is to entice a thirst for more, a thirst for the happiness that one needs to live in this world. When listening to my music I would hope that one would move beyond the beat and enter into the world of words . . . words of consolation, of comfort, and of encouragement. There are so many voices all around us distorting TRUTH in every aspect of our culture, and I feel called to change that. Because I myself was once one of those impoverished youths, hypnotized by today's persuasive culture, I feel called through my gift of music to make a change and a responsibility to be that change.  I feel the time is now and there is no better time." Monica Ursino



Name: Monica Chiara (Clare) Ursino
Date of Birth: September 17, 1979
Birth Place: Massachusetts

Monica Ursino...formerly known as "Monica the rebel!"

Monica has to admit that in high school she was one rebellious child, emphasis on child.  She never quite understood just how important her education was and how it would later dictate where and what direction she would end up in.  Throughout high school Monica was never sure of what path she would choose. When it came to MUSIC, art, photography, writing, film, and even science, she was indecisive in where she wanted to be.  While in college it was difficult choosing a major considering her many interests.  And so, before finally deciding on Psychology/Pre-med, Monica began her freshman year as a theatre & film major.  She began working as a production assistant and actor/extra on many films in and around the Boston area (Film credits: The Blue Diner (PBS), The Perfect Storm & The Gentlemen from Boston).  That same year she obtained a position as a production manager and a leading role in the Independent BWAY 7 production Deportation.  In addition, since Monica is first generation American and much of her family resides in Calabria, Italy, she travels there often and while vacationing there one summer she acquired a summer position as a DJ for a famous discotheque on the Ionian coast as well as a promoter for the european radio station Radio Clip. 

Although, Monica graduated college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and shortly after began working towards a master's degree with the intention of becoming a doctor, she soon realized that her love was for the arts, more specifically MUSIC.  Monica knew that she had to withdraw from the program and had no regrets about ever attending, for she feels that if it took getting that far for her to realize just how truly passionate she is for music, then it was well worth it!

Monica began spending much of her time experimenting with an audio program until she was finally able to mix, edit, and record her own music.  Monica felt that this would finally be her chance to get her talent heard by producers, who could then elaborate on her ideas.  During this time her sister was doing her medical residency in Manhattan, and Monica found it to be the perfect opportunity to search for a job within the music industry considering she would finally have a place to stay in New York City.  While at the Conan O'Brien show Monica met someone who recommended her to the Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village.   After an hour-long interview of pure connection, Monica was hired and began working for this historic recording studio.  While working in NYC, Monica soon realized that it was time that she began working on her dream as an aspiring musician and continue where she left off.  Soon enough she found her way back to "good ole" Boston where she would eventually record her first release THE WAY.


-9/11 Tribute television appearance/WB56/WLVI TV (09-11-2002)

Out of 200 applicants, Monica was one out of the four chosen to participate in the WB56 tribute to 9/11 which was aired on September 11th, 2002. Monica presented her personal journal entry of that horrific day and appeared on television with political leaders.

-Cinecitta Studios Rome (Hollywood of Italy) (10-2002)

Monica was asked to travel to the Cinecitta Studios in Rome to interview for Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ.

-Executive Director of the Boston International Film Festival (2004)

-Television Guest Appearance on CN8 Nitebeat (04-2004)

Interviewed by multi-Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, Barry Nolan

-Treasurer - Campbell Concerts (2005/Present)

-Chosen to perform in World Youth Day, Cologne Germany (2005)

-Casted as a judge on the Reality Television Series "It Is What It Is"(2005)

-Participant in the Miss Italia USA Competition (2006)

-Monica releases Reflection "featuring her debut Italian release Dove Sei?" (2006)



Monica Ursino e Renzo Arbore



Monica feels that without God, none of this would have been possible and much of her upcoming success is because of HIM.

Where Faith comes in...

Much of Monica's Faith had to do with her upbringing.  Her mother Rosalba came from Italy when she was very young, however, as a teenager she continued vacationing there and during one summer she met her future husband.  Rosalba being young and naive decided to marry this man and eventually they both moved from Italy to the US.   After nine years, Monica's parents divorced and her mother obtained an annulment.   After this traumatic event, Rosalba dedicated her life to her Faith and her children, for it was GOD who saved her.  She never despaired and knew that "with HIM all things were possible."   Rosalba was fortunate enough to receive constant support from her wonderful parents whom Monica and her siblings truly considered second parents.  Much of their time was spent with their grandparents and because they were all so very close, Monica's mother and grandfather eventually decided that they would purchase a beautiful home together.  Shortly after, both of Monica's grandparents developed cancer and have now passed away.  This was a very difficult time in all of their lives, especially for Monica.  After her grandmother's death in particular, Monica had a life changing experience.  She was fifteen years old at the time and for her it felt as if she had lost her mother.  Much of this hurt from her grandmother's death was expressed in rebellion and when looking back at these times in her life she realizes what she was lacking:


" Without GOD, how can one find happiness?  Why was I so distant from HIM? It was not as if I ever disbelieved in HIS existence.  

I could a girl with so much Faith ever forget about HIM?" 

Monica always had an underlying everlasting love that just needed to come out.   And so, she began praying again, asking GOD to show her THE WAY. "And that is just what HE did!"

Just as Monica's mother always says, "To whom much is given, much is expected," Monica Chiara Ursino knew better than what she was doing.   Since the day she was born, her mother, Rosalba Ursino, showed her what Love truly is.  The Faith in GOD that her mother brought into her life is what allows her to live each day and Monica now realizes that it is only with HIM that we can survive the many trials and tribulations we all will face.

"To sum this all up, I would like to share and excerpt from one of my mother's original poems..."

"I know you have learned from all the above, that what matters most is how we must love.  Loving God first is always the rule, this life is a test and our world is the school."










Dove Sei?


Monica Ursino - 2006


CHE GIORNO E' CHE ORA E' (What day is it, what time is it?)   

E POSSIBLE (Is it possible)
CHE VIVO SENZA TE? (that I live without you?)

PIANGO COME UN FIUME (Cries like a river)
LACRIME AMARE (Bitter tears)
SENZA TE NON SI PUO STARE (I just can't take it anymore without you)


VEDI, VEDI LA TUA GENTE? (Do you see, do you see your people?)
DOVE SEI, DOVE SEI ? (Where are you, where are you?)
GESU' TI PREGO (Jesus I beg You)
SENTI, SENTI I MIEI LAMENTI (Listen, listen to my lamentations)
NON C'E VITA (There is no life)
O MONDO (or world)
SENZA TE (without You)


TRAGEDIE RICORRENTI (Insistent Tragedies)

LEGGI E IDEE DA INCOSCENTI (Laws & Ideologies by those without a conscience)
SI VIVE IN FRETTA (We live in a hurry)
LA GENTE NON SI PARLA (People don't talk with each other)
NON SI RISPETTA (or respect each other)


SOLDI E ORGOGLIO (Money and Pride)     

SONO PIU IMPORTANTI (is more important)
LA FEDE E LE PREGHIERE (Faith and Prayers)
SONO ORMAI DIMENTICATE (are things of the past)

PER ME E DIVERSO (For me it is different)
HO CAPITO CHE (I have understood)
SEI SEMPRE LO STESSO (You're always the same)
E TI CHIEDO SE...(And I ask you… if...)


VEDI, VEDI LA TUA GENTE? (Do you see, do you see your people?)
DOVE SEI, DOVE SEI ? (Where are you, where are you?)
GESU' TI PREGO (Jesus I beg You )
SENTI, SENTI I MIEI LAMENTI (Listen, listen to my lamentations)
NON C'E VITA (There is no life)
O MONDO (or world)
SENZA TE (without You)


VEDI, VEDI LA TUA GENTE? (Do you see, do you see your people?)
DOVE SEI, DOVE SEI ? (Where are you, where are you?)
GESU' TI PREGO (Jesus I beg You)
SENTI, SENTI I MIEI LAMENTI (Listen, listen to my lamentations)
NON C'E VITA (There is no life)
OH MONDO (or world)
SENZA TE (without You)









Fonte :  sito ufficiale della cantante cristiana cattolica Monica Ursino