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 espressione iconografica paleocristiana


Keys to the Kingdom


Christian artist Paul MyhillPaul Myhill was born in Bedford, England in the late 60's. English, Scottish and Irish roots entwined to initially imbibe him with an enchantment of primitive Celtic forms - flowing intricate lines resolute on revealing a simplicity through complexity; wheels of eternity enveloping static points of demarcation.

Following many years of hollow entrepreneurial and consulting endeavors, Paul entered seminary with an encompassing vigor to foster his faith and prepare for missionary investiture. After serving as the Director of Mission for a mega-church in North Dallas, he joined a partner agency focussing on reaching out to the abandoned children of China. Paul's ultimate heart and passion is to see God glorified amongst all peoples, to experience the enlightening and wondrous reality of unity in diversity. His artistry reflects a congruous desire with a vision for his expressions to convey an understanding and love of the transcendent One. Artist and humanitarian missiologist…a convergence of an equal heart and global goal…God's Glory revealed near and far.

Paleo Christian Iconographic Expressions Shunning the label, "Self-Taught," for the more apt, "God-Directed," Paul acknowledges that, absent any formal instruction, his brushstrokes are ultimately roused and guided by the Master Artist, the Bestower of such gifts…a resplendent song of intense harmony and sweet, spiritual mystery of inspiration and co-creation. For Paul, each painting is an enthralling worship encounter as he communes with his Maker and surrenders himself to God's leading and governance within his heart and upon the receptive canvas before him.

Paul Myhill has a deep interest in early Christian symbolism and imagery, particularly the primal visual elements of the faith…timeless, eternal. With a similar fascination and absorption, he has spent over a decade as an avid collector of primitive art, particularly pieces from the tribal people groups of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Paul has traveled extensively throughout the emerging world and under-developed nations, encountering a blistering diversity of cultures, styles and elemental art forms utilizing basic constructs and bold colors. These experiences, fused with influences from the American Southwest, his home for over 20 years, have converged to produce a body of work focusing primarily on primitive Christian iconography within rich, complex layers of intrepid color schemes.

A recognized artist with multiple shows at the renowned Museum of Biblical Art (Biblical Arts Center) in Dallas, Paul is now involved in a major project that will place his art originals in over 30 countries. Paul's work has also been featured in churches of multiple denominations; Christian school and seminary classrooms; and major newspapers/periodicals around the country.





Jerusalem Cross



God's Gifts for God's Glory ,

by Paul Myhill


"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:11

"I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts - to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship" Exodus 31:3-5


Each of us has been presented with gifts of the Spirit to be obediently applied to make Him manifest and to see Him glorified. These giftings are various and diverse - a wonderful testimony of completeness through joint application, a tangible demonstration of the harmony and fullness of the Body of Christ in concert of effort. Many of the faithful have been blessed with a truly precious constituent, artistic ability, to unfold and forward His purposes and expectations.

I recognize that I am nothing without Christ and that my skills, my very fount of inspiration, come only from Him. I am simply a steward of what has been graciously entrusted to me. How am I to specifically respond and serve? - By investing my God-given talents to forward His Kingdom, not my own. Many radiant facets are involved in such a divine commission, including keystone elements of spiritual maturity and involvement - evangelism, worship and the edification of His Church.

Primarily, I aspire for my work to be a physical, vibrant catalyst for spiritual discussions in the home, workplace and institutions where it finds residence. It is a most worthy aspiration interlaced with the Spirit's endorsement, power and ordination. Each piece holds a story, a metaphorical bridge to the Gospel, that yearns to be released and passionately communicated. Through the incorporation of ancient, cherished symbols of the faith, many pieces overtly invite the "what is that?" question that serves as an open door to things eternal. At its core, its very essence, my work is an evangelistic tool, a means to broach the subject and reveal the saving message to a lost, desperate and hurting world; a means to take the viewers on the journey traversing the bridge.

Interrelated and inseparable, there exists the highest, purest act of human obedience and thanksgiving - the worship of the only One worthy of acclaim. God is most glorified as a diversity of peoples come to recognize, honor and praise Him - an eternal chorus of the most complex and beautiful of harmonies. My heart is that my work serves as a point of reflection for the authentic, unbridled worship of our God everlasting. I seek to appeal to all believers and covet multiform placements for a variety of persons to be able to connect with Him in a more powerful, profound way. The creative process itself is one of worship also, as each piece comes into actuality as a transaction of obedience and joy as I adore and bond with the Master Artist who paints through me.

Then there's the edification of His Church. If the results of my creative meditations can serve in any way to encourage or expand the desire in the hearts of believers to be more Christ-like, then they have served a noble purpose indeed. The work might nurture and teach through introspection and contemplation guided by the Spirit, or it might propel the viewer to deepen in their understanding of Him through the inquiry of other sources or further deliberations. In either case, I earnestly and humbly pray that God uses my brush as a poetic tool of sanctification.

Ultimately, this trinity of intent combines into one unified, higher-order objective - to give God the Glory. My entreaty is that, as an artist and minister of the Gospel, every thing I endeavor to initiate and accomplish, every gift I exercise and employ, serves that divine purpose.



Eternal One





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