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 mystic painting of the womanliness  ( pittura mistica della femminilità ) .





"Colorful and modern images of women are the focal point of St. Petersburgs young artist, Ekaterina Morés creations. The women portray a wishful presentation of uncanny strength wrapped with a hint of fragility. These women are not a symbole of aggressive emancipation. In itself, they speak the language of true sensuality. Behind these cool, irrisistable beauties is a fantastic being. These women are unapproachable and mysterious. Some images somewhat melancholy, others self-confident and certain – they reflect living emotions of mankind. "

Natalia Alexandrova, art historian


An Appreciation of Life in our Time –
Ekaterina Mores prismatic paintings

„Ekaterina Moré has been living with her husband and her little girl in the Rhineland since 1990. However, she comes from an artistic Russian family and was born in St. Petersburg. More grew up in Kamtschatka and in Wladiwostok; the distant east peninsula of Russia.

She was just a teenager, when she moved with her parents back to her place of birth in 1990, in order to complete her education. Ekaterina Moré still dreams of the environment in the south arctic zone of her homeland. The intensive shades of color, which stamp the atmosphere of this remote area, inspire her fantasie. In a conversation with her in her studio in Neuss, Moré told me of the short summers, which bloomed with splender, could be compared to the black volcanic earth of the Teneriffa

In spite of her sensitivity an love of nature, Ekaterina Morés creations were not directed on lanscape or her environment. Her images depict the person; todays modern women to be exact.
Her paintings spread optimism, joy, and positive energy, because they are symbolic of the priceless identification with the diverse images of modern life. Ekaterina Morés works radiate her personal relationship to these images- the look of the thin, long haired women, who continually appear in her paintings are a reflection of herself which cannot be mistaken.
Examples of this artistic style can be found in works of Tamara de Lempicka, who Ekaterina Moré admires. In opposition to de Lempickas images, Ekaterinas protagonistic images are not cool, but rather warm hearted.In her art as well as in her everyday life, the artist seeks above all the positive potential. The message in her paintings could read: take all the positive potential offered in life and make use of it!


Ekaterina More was still a student in St. Peterburg, formerly known as Leningrad at the time, when she visited famous collections there and descovered her own artistic methode for creating.
Along with examples of post-impressionism of the time, she intergrated an impulse of western pop-art, which was en vogue in Russia in the 90´s. The optimistic colors and the almost comic like representation of the abstract figures are a part of her recent artistic works. On the other hand, her first work was influenced by the Murnau “landscapes of Wassily Kandinsky. However, her path to this abstract style is only used to a certain degree. She needs the images, as her emotional warmth can only come through in the paintings with the figures she creats,” explained Ekaterina More.

This emotional warmth is not only mediated through the obviouse erotic symbolism in the images. Above all else, emotional warmth is created through the use of illuminating colors which are put together like pieces of a puzzle.
This mosaic-like construction is an expression of the artist´s work, which is characteristic of the „Cloisonne“ with black lines, which encompass each part of the figure, and the figure is imbedded in the background. This method gives the image´s layout and form a prismatic character. The figure and its surounding fuse into one decorative unit. Historically, „Cloisonne“ stems from a symbolic style, which developed out of post-impressionism. Several important master works from Paul Gauguin at the Eremitage in St. Petersburg, serve as a guide for „Cloissone“ works of art.

There is certainly no direct relation between Ekaterina Mores timeless collection of contemporary painting and this historic model. As previously mentioneed, they are first class paintings from the heart, which are considered very appealing works of art

Ekaterina Mores paintings address people directly and immediately, regardless of ones culture. Mores works can already be found in many collections all over the world"

Dr.Helmut Orpel, Art Magazine ArtProfil




Le foto e il testo è tratto dal website di Ekaterina Moré  :